Thursday, May 3, 2012


Here are some Common Q & A from Merchants:

Q: Can I be accepted as a Merchant if I sell items from Vendors? 
A: Yes, however, you must ALSO have exclusive content. We would like to see at least 60% exclusive content, and the prize MUST be exclusive. (Exclusive meaning, your company created it).

Q: I was accepted as a Merchant. Does that mean I am automatically accepted in future hunts?
A: Yes! Once you are accepted as a Merchant, you can automatically join any Nocturnal Hunt you wish to participate in. You MUST still send the application notecard to each hunt you want to participate in.

Q: Can I post advertisements in the group?
A: We will allow merchants to post 1 advertisement for goods or services every other day. You must be actively involved in the current hunt.

Q: During the Hunt, can I re-size the hunt object, or place decoys?
A: Yes. However, we ask that you limit Decoy's to 2-3 at max. We ask that you do not hide the hunt object in places that are too hard to find.  This only frustrated hunters. We recommend that you put your hunt item near your sell-able objects (as opposed to on a roof or outside of your store).

Q: Help! I am a hunter, and I can't find a hunt item?
A: Feel free to open the group chat and ask for assistance.  Make sure you really looked hard for the item. If you ask too much where it seems like you just want to grab the item and leave, without giving these designers a chance to show you what awesome stuff they made, then unfortunately we will have to eject you. Designers give free items away to entice you to buy their goods. They spend money making these items and consider giving them the respect they deserve by checking out their goods.

Q: Help! I was denied as a Merchant, but I feel that I should not have been!
A: We are sorry that we did not initially approve you. However, we believe everyone has a right for a second chance.  If you feel you were wrongly denied. Let Christine Fearne know, and she will appoint a staff member to work with you to see how we can remedy this.

Q: Can I Spam the group chat with offerings of my awesome stuff?
A: No.  We know your stuff is awesome. That's why we invited you. But our hunters are avid SL players who are sick of spam. They will see your items when they get to your store. Put the hunt prize near your best stuff.

Q: How will the Merchants be placed in the list?
A: That will be determined by our staff. (And possibly how quickly the merchant gets their information to us, such as Hunt Hint, etc.)

Q: I have moved, and it's in the middle of the hunt....
A: This is very upsetting and disrupting to the hunt, but we understand that it happens! We have provided notecards for you to fill out when you run into these kinds of problems.  Not notifying us when something like this occurs is unacceptable, so please be prompt & professional. Thanks!

Q: I have a question that is not on this blog.
A: Contact Christine Fearne: Send a Notecard AND IM to ensure we get it.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Application: Nocturnal Hunts Merchant

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Merchant for  Nocturnal Hunts. Please read completely, then create a notecard, name it Application: Nocturnal Hunts Merchant (Your Name), and return it to Christine Fearne for consideration.   Please add your name to the title of the Notecard.

Merchants Must:

♦ Offer Exclusive High Quality Prizes;  NOT resellers, freebies, or business in a box items.

♦ All Prizes must fit the theme.

♦ Have a Mainstore with a direct TP.

♦ Agree to List Hunt Group in Profile.

Your SL Name:

SL Store Name:

Mainstore Surl:

Mainstore Landmark:

Mainstore Logo (optional):

Thank you for filing out an app. We will be in contact with you regarding your application.

Christine Fearne
Owner - Nocturnal Hunts